About us

Why music?

At Wizard Music we have three aims for our classes:

  • Early education through music and singing – a fun way for children to learn about colours, shapes, counting, listening, language, turn taking etc
  • Learning all about music – exploring musical concepts and sounds through singing and playing instruments
  • Enjoyment and having fun – quality time with your child, whilst experiencing activities which you can replicate at home.

Wizard’s link to the EYFS Framework
Three prime learning areas:

Communication and Language

Our little wizards will listen and interact with a range of music
Our little wizards will learn to follow clear instructions, and respond appropriately
Our little wizards will be able to sing along with our songs and nursery rhymes

Physical Development

Our little wizards will learn to move confidently with a great sense of direction and spatial awareness.
Our little wizards build core strength as they dance in a circle and skip around the room
Our little wizards play with musical instruments which develop both gross and fine motor skills

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Our little wizards sing songs and play instruments with confidence and enjoyment
Our little wizards build positive relationships with other little wizards
Our little wizards sing songs about feelings

Four specific learning areas:


Our little wizards learn simple music notation
Our little wizards listen to music stories and use repetition


Our little wizards sing songs with numbers
Our little wizards use props to support counting songs

Understanding the world

Our little wizards experience songs and music from different places in the world

Expressive arts and design

Our little wizards sing songs, use instruments, dance around and use their imagination creatively in every class

3-12 months

All babies are born with the potential to become musical and they often react to songs and music with enthusiasm.  They benefit greatly from a musical environment in which to stimulate their neural pathways in their brain.

In our 3-12 month group, we’ll show you lots of special bonding and musical development activities that both you and your baby will love.  You’ll sing nursery rhymes, play with instruments, hum and dance together through a sensory experience. All these activities contribute towards a happy, healthy, sociable baby.

1-2 years

At these classes, we encourage musical development through exposing babies to melodies and rhythms which have a lot of repetition. Babies interact by shaking maracas and bells along with the music. We develop basic rhythm with a simple 4/4 beat and of course, lots of active movement along to the music! Activities like this will delight and engage your child, as well as developing their self-confidence.

2-3 years

In these classes, your child will explore different sounds, develop their listening skills and a musical ear. We will practise rhymes to help develop speech and move around in time to the music.

3-4 years

In our oldest class we focus on building skills in preparation for learning an instrument. Your child will learn musical symbols and concepts including notes, dynamics and rhythms.

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